Moving and Handling

This course uses basic information to aid students to remember that they need to stay well as much as keeping the SU well.


·  Moving and Handling is explained

·  What are the laws?

·  What is risk assessment?

·  How to control the risk of hazards – your back; Ergonomics;

·  Reflect on our movements

·  Risk assessments;

·  How do we record the outcomes;

·  How to use the equipment safely

·  What could go wrong and how to circumvent the problems

·  Students will be hoisted in order to get a first-han experience.  This has proved to be very successful.

·  Simple ways to get people to stand

·  How to help people up off the floor without equipment and calling 999 – in their best interest…

·  What to look for when helping people moving around safely

Ending with a Quiz.