Administration of Medication

This course is about medication and how it is stored, including:

• Administration of all medication in any and all forms

• Record keeping- MAR charts

• Disposal of all types of medication

• Covert administration

• Self-administration

• Home remedies and over-the-counter medicines

• Importance of dose and  timings

• How to use eye drops, patches, inhalers,

  creams etc.

• Legal Issues

• Names of medicines

• The importance of medicine labels

• Understanding dosage instructions

• Basic hygiene when administering medicines

• Principles of a medicine’s policy

• How to reduce medicine errors

• Reporting refusals, side-effects and errors

• Expiry dates

• Controlled drugs and how to dispose of them.

To bespoke this course your sheets of medical records (Mar sheets) will be asked to be used.

To highlight and rectify any specific problems Managers are most welcome to discuss these with the trainer beforehand so that the staff can be made very aware that things are not presently being done satisfactorily.

A quiz in two parts (1) at the beginning and (2) at the end reinforces and assesses the knowledge learned in class.