About us

Hi, I’m Karen  “The Care Trainer.” My favourite saying is  “How can I help you, help me”

My support team are:
Lionel – Tech Support
Scott – Social Media
Manuela – Web Design
Shaun – Web Admin

Karen: I have taught in schools in Zimbabwe, formally Rhodesia a colony, for over 25 years prior to moving here to the UK, where I had to re-train. I have a PTTLS as a trainer in Health and Social Care and CerTESOL as an English teacher. I have resuscitated a drowned person to full health.  Alongside the Specialist Emergency Ambulance Agency in Zimbabwe. I have helped in many road traffic accidents and, being the Head of First Aid for the County for Under 21 Rugby, rugby accidents.

Loving to teach people is my joy and passion.  To help people feel empowered and fulfilled as a person is wonderful and my greatest joy is to hear a person say “Wow I see”, or “Now I understand”.  Because some students cannot understand why they have to do things in a certain way, my classes are simple but informative. I endeavour to use your company’s Policies and Procedures and any relevant documentation to help cement any class in action. Together with the prerequisite questioning of managers, to give any prior requirements or feedback of previous courses where applicable, This constitutes the bespoke nature of the training.

Since 2010, I have taught new school leavers to nurses and doctors from foreign lands so have had to vary my language, the skills, and activities used in the class to help the students.   I believe my greatest skill is my ability to adapt my English for non-English first language speakers or for native English speakers within the same class. I use activities to reinforce the students understanding of the subject taught. I often have students attending class during their days off or annual leave because they enjoy the way that training takes place.

I regularly revise and update courses adding in information required by the governing bodies of the CQC – Care Quality Commission – or RoSPA,  therefore setting the learning bar high to meet the criteria required. I am an “assessor” in Health and Social Care and use this to impart the required information to assist learners here too.

My area of training covers Dorset and Hampshire, although I will travel further if mutually agreeable. Training takes place in your premises preferably, but hired halls can be arranged.

For further information and discounts on monthly training please contact me on 07515 538 513 or thecaretrainer@gmail.com

Looking forward to see you soon.