First aid training 4 July Horsham

“Really useful training. The previous training made me aware of a stroke. When my mother spoke funny, I noticed and got her to hospital where she got the help she needed and she only has a speech impediment. Without the awareness she may not be with us today” “Thank you Karen I now know how to use a defibrillator and feel confident“ “I have learnt a lot and realise why I need the refreshers”

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Feedback from previous courses Feedback Westhope Moving and Handling 12/12/17 (Jude) so enjoyed the practical. Have never thought about what the SU go through when we use the equipment. (Margaret) thank you for the handouts. It makes reading after the course after great. Epilepsy 5th Dec (Reece) I now understand the different types if fits and how to help the SU (Vicky) the first aid and when to call the medics End of Life 28th Nov 2017 ? I did not realise the Gold standards and how this helps us with our job The difference between Palliative Care and Hospice and how much control SU have in their life and …